Community Service

The College of Arts & Sciences Student Council together with the CAS Community Coordinator provides a variety of ways to serve the community at the local and global level.

The College of Arts and Sciences advocates an education directed towards the development of the whole person - one that nurtures the intellectual maturity. The College Student Council aims to assist the College as well as the students in their quest towards development.

Student Activity Programs

Students are encouraged to become involved in campus activities by joining their respective club or organization or by attending a seminar, program, show, or other campus activity. Participation in campus programs and activities offers students opportunities to become engaged in the campus community and fosters relationships with other students, faculty, and staff. Campus activities are designed to provide a well-rounded college experience as well enhance the career and educational goals of each student. 


Service with Pride


Lead with Confidence,


Inspire to impact lives,


Serving the Studentry!


Efficient Assistance For Systematic Enrollment is a university wide activity where each college hat its own team in order to provide assistance to the students including their parents who are enrolling for the trimester. The project EASE aims to have a sytematic and organized enrollment process.

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